Our Solar System


8 planets (- Pluto) / size / distance / composition etc…

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Planet Sizes (in order from the Sun)


Mercury – 1,516mi (2,440km) radius; about 1/3 the size of Earth


Venus – 3,760mi (6,052km) radius; only slightly smaller than Earth


Earth – 3,959mi (6,371km) radius


Mars – 2,106mi (3,390km) radius; about half the size of Earth


Jupiter – 43,441mi (69,911km) radius; 11x Earth’s size


Saturn – 36,184mi (58,232km) radius; 9x larger than Earth


Uranus – 15,759mi (25,362km) radius; 4x Earth’s size


Neptune – 15,299mi (24,622km) radius; only slightly smaller than Uranus

In order from the Sun and planets scaled to size (not distance apart)
Planets order.jpg