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Size & Distance

* A little over 3000 miles in diameter and 36 million miles from the sun.

* The smallest planet in our solar system only slightly larger than our moon.

* Extremely cold at night and blisteringly hot during the day.


* Largely molten metallic core with an outer harder shell of about 250 miles thick.

* Unlike other planets Mercury surface is not altered by volcano's so will always have it’s old craters.

Atmosphere / Weather
Weather 2.png

Mercury's thin atmosphere, or exosphere, is composed mostly of oxygen (O2), sodium (Na), hydrogen (H2), helium (He), and potassium (K).

Orbit & Rotation
Orbit Size Distance.png

* Mercury is the fastest planet and makes a complete orbit around the Sun in 88 Earth days.

* One day = 59 Earth days.


* Mercury has no moon of it’s own.

credit - NASA