E/Port & Eastham KH
Weekly Inspections

(list & instructions below)


                       Inpections By:

                       J & E Mattia

                       A & E Sobanski

                       J & J Davidson

                       S & S Crawford

                       T & N Spragg




                       January 2022

                       February 2022

                       March 2022

                       April 2022

                       May 2022


                       June 2022

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Opperating Committee

The building inspections are once per week and can be carried out at a time to suit you. Ideally this would be at the weekend so that we get regularly spaced out inspections and this works well with the data input onto the JW.org website which is a weekly submission carried out by the 'Operating Committee', but if for instance a Friday is more suitable this would be acceptable.

Please note the instructions below for your visit:

(1) If you become aware that someone infected with COVID-19 has entered the Kingdom Hall, no one should be permitted to access the facility for the following 72 hours. (please report immediately to the 'Operating Committee) Upon re-entry, the affected area should be thoroughly cleaned wearing the appropriate PPE i.e. gloves. (gloves have been provided on entry)

(2) Touch as few surfaces as possible.

(3) Check touch free hand sanitiser has ample supply. (watch video No.5 on the 'How To' videos page)

(4) Check the external and internal condition of the Kingdom Hall i.e.


missing roof tiles, damage to external doors, external water tap insulation in place, gardens  condition - weeds etc, check each drain gully for debris.


suspended ceiling condition (no damage), internal doors operating (not catching), any leaks  from water pipes within toilets or damp patches to ceiling tiles, water ingress at door locations etc.

(5) Check the security elements of the Kingdom Hall i.e. locks operating correctly, weekly fire alarm call point & panel test and intruder alarm operating.

Watch 'How To' videos:

No.1  Fire Alarm Call Point

No.2 Fire Alarm Panel

No.3 Intruder Alarm Panel

(6) Unplug unnecessary electrical equipment, including battery chargers. Remove all batteries from battery-operated equipment, such as microphones and clocks (do not switch off broadband router equipment under sound desk or remove heating digital clock batteries - opposite the magazine desk).

(7) Dispose of any perishable waste & foodstuffs.

(8) Check around the building both internal and external for any signs of dampness. 

(9) Flush toilets and run taps (hot and cold) on a weekly basis.

(10) Check external tap isolated (try running the tap). (report if charged with water).

(11) Following your visit to the Kingdom Hall, thoroughly clean any areas accessed & touched, disinfecting hard surfaces and touch points. (Zaflora has been prepared for use)

(12) No repair work should be undertaken without complying with necessary instruction and directions and completion of a 'DC-83-E' (Operating Committee to oversee).

*Confirm weekly by the 'Notifications' page or WhatsApp or text that all above checks have been carried out and reporting any issues (with photographs if possible) requiring attention.

WhatsApp or texts to 07867 906 172.

#Should you be unable to carry out the checks please notify.

Thank you for your diligence. 😊