The Search For Dark Skies

Over the decades increased light pollution has further restricted a clearer view of our night sky.

Without a dark sky much that the heavens have to offer is lost and the awesomeness of the cosmos is hidden.

When viewing the night sky on a black velvet like background it makes one realise just have impressive the universe is and how outstanding, indeed remarkable our 'skyatnight' actually is.

With the increase in light pollution and therefore the reduction of dark skies this does not just interfere with our view of the sky but has a real effect on wildlife and their habitat disturbing for instance the natural balance of birds and insects.

Take a look at Josh Dury who is a photographer, filmmaker, conservationist and one of the UK’s leading champions of dark skies.

He has some amazing photographs that will inspire you to support the dark skies promotion and what we can do to support.

Josh, thankyou for such a splendid capture of our sky at night.

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