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Estates Manager - No Succession Planning in place

Coordinating all estate management aspects i.e. repurposing of operational assets, increase in activity in Regeneration Initiatives (includes: New Ferry Regeneration Scheme, New ferry Community Land Trust, BCD, Maritime Knowledge Hub, Hamilton Park, Hind Street, Dock Branch Park, Wirral Waters, Cycle route, Birkenhead Market / HoF site, Eureka, Town Deal – Riverside house, Treasury annexe, Egerton Village.  In should be noted that resource levels in Regen have risen significantly to deal with this from their side.), CIPFA  / Ada Burns reviews which puts more emphasis on capital receipts / income generation, commissioning of CBRE to undertake a review of our assets, 

We currently have support from the asset support team, although this have moved away from administrative to a mainly technical support.  Most admin functions have been absorbed in to the team.  Support is required, such as the invoicing for leased in properties, processing of payments and assistance with the myriad enquires.

Within the team I think we need at least two qualified surveyors. Derek was really useful, but it did show that one extra member of staff helped plug some gaps, but that further support was required.  The short notice for leaving also emphasised the risk of agency workers, not to mention the cost.  Derek brought forward pieces of work that we didn’t have the capacity to get to, but now that they’re started, they will need to be absorbed into the workload, unless we can delay until a new appointment.

We work closely with asset support and I wouldn’t want to that link dimmish, but it would be useful to have access to admin support. (see below)

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Coordinating all estate management aspects i.e. 

The level of work means that we are now having to prioritise which means that elements of work need to be dropped.

Pressures on essential areas of work are impacted, for example the requirement to provide asset valuations within a short time frame means that we will be pushed to deliver on time, which has a knock on effect to the Council’s financial returns.

The quantity of work has an impact on quality

Any absence in the team, both long and short term has a significant impact.  Members of the team all have significant experience and knowledge of the estate which is very difficult to replace.

There is currently no scope to plan for the longer terms with all of the team in excess of 50 years of age.

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