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Construction & Design Manager- No Succession Planning in place

Coordinating all design & construction elements from concept to final handover and final account completions i.e. initial requests from all building users including schools for adaptations and new build, identifying, prioritising and programming, ensuring environmental considerations to support 'Climate Emergency', feasibility studies, initial designs, client liaison, statutory compliance, applications & submissions, environmental championing, in-house training, staff management etc. Team staff management and coordination.



Since loosing previous Construction & Design Manager the 'Building Designer' post is still unfilled for an experienced building designer and this has applied great pressure on the team to support our service delivery with the Capital Programme in arrears.   

Further no 'succession Planning' can be drawn on due to the reduced number of technical staff available, therefore an interim mechanism needs to be put in place until such times the minimum technical staff are available.


Solutions & Proposals

Fulfilling the vacant post for an experienced technical building designer will provide the necessary support to the design team to fulfil it's service delivery, but, the additional demands that have been placed on the section through an increased Capital Programme and Covid 19 support would not cope at this time without the continued additional support from a technical building designer through 'Matrix' at this time, should this support be removed when the post above is filled we will be back to where we are now, under resourced and in arrears.

Assistant Projects Manager (1)


Energy Engineer (1) - No Succession Planning in place

Develop, implement and manage policies designed to reduce the Council’s use of energy, fossil fuels and water in all its operational buildings; manage energy and water budgets and the and contribute to the development of the Council’s wider environmental strategy and policy to ensure that the Council achieves its carbon neutrality commitments.

  • Income generated by commissions – which was designed to cover costs in lieu of fees (and continues to deliver around £200k pa)– a structure has to support this function rather than make it more difficult.  Commissions from the schools requires us to deliver certain services to schools (including DEC’s) through the Schools Energy SLA so this has to be planned in.  Schools are very ‘needy’ customers and take up significant time – but that time has to be formally allocated.

  • Similarly with savings generated – Will’s water activities typically save us £80k a year – and Ben delivers similar with Gas and Electricity - any structure needs to support these activities and not distract from them.

Quantity Surveying (2)

Construction Design (3)


Finance (1)

  • Fee Management/Recovery

  • Capital Monitoring

  • PPM Revenue Monitoring

  • Financial Reporting/Queries

  • Recharges

  • Accounting Adjustments


Mechanical Design Engineer (1)

Admin Support (1)