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Size & Distance

* Mars has a Diameter of 4,212 miles and is 142 million miles away from the Sun


* It takes 13 mins for light to travel from the Sun to Mars


* Mars is about half the size of Earth


* Dense core at its center between 1,860 and 2,600 miles in radius. It's made of iron, nickel and sulphur.


* Surrounding the core is a rocky mantle between 770 and 1,170 miles thick, and above that, a crust made of iron, magnesium, aluminum, calcium and potassium.


* This crust is between 6 and 30 miles deep.

Atmosphere / Weather
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* Like Earth Mars has distinct seasons


* On Mars the seasons vary in length because of Mars' elliptical, egg-shaped orbit around the Sun.


* The red planet is actually many colours, reason Mars looks reddish is due to oxidization—or rusting—of iron in the rocks

Orbit & Rotation
Orbit Size Distance.png

* One year on Mars takes 687 Earth days


* Days called ‘Sols’ - short for for ‘solar day’


* Mars' axis of rotation is tilted 25 degrees

similarity with Earth, which has an axial tilt of 23.4 degrees.

credit - NASA