About 'skyatnight'


It was felt that whilst there is an abundant amount of information out there about our cosmos, it appeared somewhat difficult to get easy access to some of the more straightforward information and quite some searching was needed.

So, this website has been put together to highlight and simplify some basic and general facts about our night sky and hopefully answer some questions that many ask.

It also directs users to other well presented and useful websites that assist in our knowledge of the skies.

A big Thank You to 'NASA' and it's wealth of information, along with other referenced websites.

Any amateur enthusiasts out there, please share your pictures and information for inclusion on this site - we would like to reference your details if you are comfortable so please do send in your details. If you would like to write up a short blog to add to this website please click on this link.

We would welcome any suggestions for inclusion on the site, please let us know your ideas.

We would also like to say a big thank you for some great help in developing 'skyatnight' to one of our 'Gold' members, Roger, who continues to provide excellent feedback - big shout out to you Roger!